Finally, I can through this September. There are ups and downs in last month, from my fear to can not go to college since I had problem with my visas, home sick from the first week I live here, far away from home, until I forced to understand Malaysia languages. But my mom always reminds me all the time that I need to go through this. It’s my choice to study in here, so I need to responsible for what I chose. Try to adapt with different culture, people, foods, rooms, and languages.It might be hard at the beginning but my mom believes that I could pass through this. Because of her, I could adapt little by little. And at 2nd of October, she’s had her birthday. Sadly, I couldn’t be there with her. Since the technology keep growing, free call from different country is possible. Only listen her voice made my whole day are incredibly joy. I told her happy birthday and I miss her. I disappointed with myself cause I can’t be there, but she refused. She’s only hoping
I could adapt myself in here, and it makes her happy. And here I am, try to fulfill her wishJ. Welcome October; hope this month less miserable and more happiness.




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