a Generation of Idiot

Hay semua! Kali ini gue mau bahas tentang apa yang gue maksud dari ‘a Generation of Idiots’.

Sebelumnya lo harus tonton nih video yang gue share disini.

transcript available here.

Pasti ketebaak dongg ya gue mau ngomongin apa hehe. Yes, gue mau bahas tentang gadget addiction. Kalo bahas tentang gadget tuh emang gaada habis – habisnya ya. Apalagi jaman modern kayak gini. Bagi mereka yang ngga punya gadget bakal di-bully, dibilang ga gaul, ketinggalan jaman, dan lain – lain. Keras yaa hidup di jaman dimana teknologi adalah segalanya. Contoh, handphone jaman sekarang mah ada kameranya more than 17 mega pixcels, mobil yang makin canggih, bisa parkir parallel sendirilah, terus jam tangan bisa buat dengerin lagu bahkan bisa buat main socmed, mungkin tar lama – lama sneakers bisa buat angkat telfon kali yaa.. wkwk. Ya pokoknya gitu deh. Continue reading


4 Ways to Get People to Care About The Ocean

This probably sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying again: The oceans are a gorgeous, rich and diverse ecosystem that have inspired and supported humanity for millennia. But the oceans are also choked with plastic and becoming more acidic by the day. People are overfishing, which threatens the survival of fish species — and also the survival of humans who live in coastal towns who depend on fish for food.

Sadly, even though people created these problems in the oceans, people usually don’t want to hear about them. And so, while aboard a floating TED conferencein the Pacific Ocean last month, a group of ocean scientists and activists brainstormed ways to make the seas sound as amazing as they are. Read on for new tools, studies and discoveries that could spark positive curiosity and empathy. Continue reading